property for sale in marbella

If you want to buy a property for sale in Marbella, you will definitely be enchanted by this property.

The town where the house stands is Estepona in Spain.

It is a family house that will really enchant you. The house is after an expensive reconstruction and is ready for purchase. The house has a large garden with a large space. Outside there is a large whirlpool, which is also very nice and spacious. You can choose whether to enjoy the hot tub in cold or warm water. But what is a great advantage that needs to be noted is that the whirlpool also has a cover that allows you to walk into the whirlpool even in winter.


The house has two floors: the first floor (ie the attic) and the second floor upstairs. The first floor has four large rooms – two large bedrooms, a children\’s room and two living rooms. The family house is equipped with the latest furniture, several wardrobes, wooden tables and glass tables. It is also necessary to mention the upper (second) floor, in which there are even more rooms than in the lower floor. There is a large spacious kitchen, which is of course modern, there is also a living room, bathroom + 2 toilets, 3 bedrooms and 2 children\’s equipped rooms. In the upper part of the house in one of the three bedrooms we can also find a beautiful view with a balcony. When you look out from this balcony, you can see the wide surroundings.

We can find one thing in this house that you just won\’t find anywhere else: home cinema, so if you\’re bored, you can watch a movie in the cinema (but watch out, a bomb, not in a classic cinema, but in a home cinema!)


Furthermore, the family house also has a large cellar, where various things can be stored, such as fruits, vegetables, various compotes.

This family house was built in 2020 and has an area of ​​1000 m2. The price for this house is four hundred thousand euros. The price is really high due to the fact that the house is fully equipped with both a whirlpool, furniture (relatively expensive) and is also very beautiful and spacious.